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Clutch Moto’s designs combine function, style and protection to create world-class moto apparel. They source industry-leading smart textiles and premium fabrics to create products that will perform, fit right and provide superior protection. Therefore Clutch Moto’s products feature materials like Raw Japanese Denim, SuperFabric® and Forcefield Body Armour to achieve design outcomes that mean you don’t have to compromise when it comes to your style, comfort and protection.

Functionality and rider comfort underpin Clutch Moto's designs. They ride so they know the body moves in unique ways when you ride. They've studied the relationship between rider and bike, and consulted some of the leading researchers on smart textiles to overcome the impacts of heat and weather when riding. Their focus when designing apparel is to deliver performance without restriction, regardless of where your adventure takes you.

In addition to how you feel, they've also considered your bike. Therefore Clutch Moto have incorporated features like rubber-coated hardware so that you don’t scratch the paint or chrome.

For more info check out their site!

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