Fuelled by a passion for adventure with a legacy of sixty years in the industry, Premier Helmets are international leaders in premium quality motorcycle helmets. Respected by motorsports champions and everyday riders alike, Premier’s bold designs have dominated the European markets – and now they are breaking into the Australian market with the Vintage Collection. Providing protection and peace-of-mind for riders who feel the thrill of the throttle, Premier Helmets redefines safety through style.

Featuring a lightweight outer shell and breathable interiors, Premier Helmets are designed for riders who love to take the long road home, combining safety, comfort and performance, without compromising on style. All Premier Helmets have been carefully constructed to meet rigorous European safety standards ECE22.05, with an obsessively engineered design. Their craft has been honed to perfection, tried and tested since 1956.  Every single Premier helmet passes through the hands of 65 qualified operators, with almost eighty per cent of the production process completed by hand. 

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